image of Arnaud Larher :: Pause Vanille

Arnaud Larher :: Pause Vanille

I find it hard to strike a balance between my personality, a writing tone people will enjoy, and the reality of my experience with these pastries. The issue is that, whenever I go full-tilt honest about a negative experience, it turns some people off. Some simply get offended because I’m making fun of one of [&hellip

image of Arnaud Larher :: Charlotte Cassis

Arnaud Larher :: Charlotte Cassis

Breaking it down, we have some violet-colored cassis juice-imbibed biscuit, covered by a giant mound of cassis mousse, surrounding a small block of cassis pâte, and it’s all crowned with a blueberry balanced atop a square of dark chocolate. Oh, and lest I forget, there’s a healthy dose of cassis glaçage covering all by the [&hellip

image of Arnaud Larher :: Le Roussillon

Arnaud Larher :: Le Roussillon

Starting with the flower and green triangle of white chocolate, here’s what I’d expect from an actual world-class patisier . . . 1. That flower would taste like a flower or borrow on one of the flavors in the pastry. 2. That piece of white chocolate would be delicious and at minimum, mid-grade, if not [&hellip

image of Arnaud Larher :: Paradis

Arnaud Larher :: Paradis

Arnaud Larher’s shop is set in an aesthetic wonderland. Tucked away from the throngs of tourists in a neighborhood north of Sacré Couer, you just marvel at the sun dancing through the leaves of the enormous trees that line the streets, the bounty of steep neverending staircases, and quiet cafes you always envision dappled about [&hellip

image of Arnaud Larher :: Le Récif

Arnaud Larher :: Le Récif

The Récif is like the sad, maladroit fumbling of a first year pastry student at a 3rd-rate culinary school. This is a piece almost completely bereft of anything redeeming, save a few scant nuts in the “brownie” base and a pleasantly warm, smooth and complex outer shell, albeit one that can only be savored when [&hellip

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