Paris Pâtisseries

Gerard Mulot :: September 2009

Countdown to sugar-shock . . . 89 days to go. April 30th is set to be le jour on which the patisseries of the “City of Lights” again greet one of their greatest admirers . . . moi. The potentially diabetes-inducing 3 month plan is to consume and catalog the experience of the majority of the pastries offered by Gerard Mulot, Arnaud Delmontel, La Patisserie des Reves, Dalloyau, Lenotre, Laduree, Pierre Herme, Aurore Capucine, and Arnaud Larher. To supplement an already insane quota, there are another 18 patisseries on the hit list, from which I’ll be enjoying at least a creation or two. After all, I can’t pass up a Carette eclair or Pain de Sucre’s pistachio cherry macaron. That would be heresy.

I estimate that by inhaling 3-4 pastries each day I can pull off the impossible. And while I’m not attempting a Christian Bale, a la ’The Machinist’, weight loss regimen in preparation for the impending gluttony, I am dropping 20 pounds before I get to Paris. With 9 pounds down already, there are but 11 to go. No sense in feeling guilty about downing 2000 calories before noon every day when you have 20lbs. to regain.

I’m not exactly sure where the idea for all this started, but I do know Gerard Mulot is at least partially to blame (my in-store shot of his handiwork is above). If I don’t have a massive coronary at some point along the way, I hope to shake his hand and thank him in-person for the inspiration.
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