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Wouldn’t it be great to have thousands of people see how cool your Paris and pastry adventures are? Then you’re in luck, because Paris Pâtisseries wants to help you share your photos and stories. Other blogs stop at letting you leave comments or sharing photos in some Flickr group. Screw that. I want to put you guys on the homepage for everyone to see.

So how can you get featured? Well, easy . . .

  • The key criterion is that you must be submitting photos from your own time in Paris and with at least one pastry or in one pastry shop.

  • Send 6-12 photos to, along with your name and a description of what’s in the photos. Only your first name will be used in the entry.

  • You can write your own blog entry/article, to go along with the pictures, or you can allow yours truly to draft the narrative. Entries should be between 300 and 800 words. But, if you allow me to write it, I will fabricate 90% of everything, purely for comedic effect.

  • I will not link out to other blogs or sites from your entry. The intent here is to allow those without blogs of their own a forum in which to share.

All the cool kids are doing it. You want to be cool, right? So send in your photos! I look forward to seeing them! Don’t worry about everything being perfect either. Just have fun with it, and enjoy knowing you’ll be entertaining thousands around the world – literally, as I have regular visitors from over 70 countries and sporadic visits from over 60 more.

Chelsea's Parisian Adventure

Depending on the volume of reader submissions, postings could be as often as once a week. However, not all submissions will be featured, because if don’t send enough good photos, then I won’t have enough to put up. If your submission is chosen to be featured, you will be contacted and given a date of publication, along with a link to share with friends and family.

NOTE: By sending me the photos and any written material, you’re granting me permission to alter them (e.g., cropping photos, correcting grammar) to fit the spirit of the Paris Patisseries blog. You’re also granting me permission to feature them throughout any page of the Paris Patisseries website.

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