image of Pain de Sucre :: Tarte Framboise-Pistache

Pain de Sucre :: Tarte Framboise-Pistache

I always tried to keep an open mind in my pastry adventures. For while anything with cassis, licorice/anise, or orange blossom is almost certain to delight me, I’m not as instantly wild for vanilla, cherries, raspberries, pistachios and other assorted flavors. I’m not saying I don’t like them. I actually do enjoy them. It’s just [&hellip

image of Pâtisserie Pain de Sucre

Pâtisserie Pain de Sucre

The greatest benefit of being a Parisian pastry blogger, together with all of you as my partners in crime, is the all-access pass we’ve earned to the legendary pâtisseries. Not only can I take photos in shops that ordinarily forbid them, but I get invited to snap away from any vantage point I like, and [&hellip

image of Pain de Sucre :: Rosemary

Pain de Sucre :: Rosemary

Now, the Rosemary is certainly among the more inventive flavor combinations you’ll come across. The shell is fairly standard – an almond pâte sablée. It’s subtle, delicious, and beautifully prepared. But that cradles a rhubarb/raspberry/rosemary pulp, crowned with a healthy mound of orange blossom infused almond milk crème. If you’re not quite into the idea [&hellip

image of Pain de Sucre :: Millefeuille

Pain de Sucre :: Millefeuille

If my calculations are correct, I’ve eaten just north of 200 different pastries in the last 2+ months. Some of the shopboys at Hermé think it’s funny that I’m there every other day. Some of the shopgirls at Ladurée light up when I walk in. And, at Rêves, they wait with bated breath for me [&hellip

image of Pain de Sucre :: Corto

Pain de Sucre :: Corto

I watch my language here on the blog, and I do my best to keep the content squarely PG-rated. But today, due to the graphic nature of the pastry, we just need to get something out of the way so that we can continue wholesomely. Please, if you’re under 18 or are easily offended, skip [&hellip

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