image of Carl Marletti :: Mont Blanc

Carl Marletti :: Mont Blanc

You know I was excited to return to Carl Marletti’s shop, after my 8 month hiatus. Always delighted by the pastries there, I knew I’d find something new and fun. As soon as I walked in, shop manager, Jean-Michel, gave me “the look” (more on that in a second), a big smile and a welcoming [&hellip

image of Carl Marletti :: Lily Valley

Carl Marletti :: Lily Valley

If I ever write a book about my pastry adventures, the above is the current frontrunner for the tome’s cover. Why? It might just be the greatest all-around pastry in Paris’ patisseries. By that I mean that not only is it a delight of flavors and textures (the only criteria I used in my Top [&hellip

image of Carl Marletti :: Tarte aux Pêches

Carl Marletti :: Tarte aux Pêches

After you take around 14,000 photos of Parisian pastries and pastry shops in the span of 3 months, you develop certain aesthetic sensibilities. The cloying work of Arnaud Larher or crude efforts of Gerard Mulot make you want to scream . . . just a little. How can I be enthusiastic about pastries that look [&hellip

image of Carl Marletti & Le Marie-Antoinette

Carl Marletti & Le Marie-Antoinette

I became a Carl Marletti fan very quickly during my last stay in Paris. After stopping by his shop at least a couple times a week for a month or so, I walked in one morning and said, “Hey, Monsieur Marletti. If I promise not to touch anything, would it be cool if I came [&hellip

image of Carl Marletti :: Censier

Carl Marletti :: Censier

As many of you saw on the Paris Patisseries Facebook Page yesterday, the Censier here is one that Carl Marletti himself crafted for us in his kitchen. He was actually the first great Parisian pastry chef that I ever approached to do a special photo shoot. We’d loosely coordinated the whole thing by email, while [&hellip

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