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For those with a sweet tooth and a love of all that is aesthetically stunning, Parisian pastry is culinary Valhalla. From the sugar-fueled flavor explosion that is a Laduree macaron to the divine artistry of anything upon which Sadaharu Aoki has laid his hands, the City of Lights’ patisseries will simply blow your mind.

On my first visit to Paris, I had high hopes for what I’d encounter; I had no idea how low I’d set the bar. It was the culinary equivalent of the Louvre. No matter how many photos I’d seen in books or online, nothing could prepare me for the grandeur. Even if I’d only experienced Gerard Mulot’s shop, I’d have been stunned, but there was so much more to discover.

By the time I left Paris, I’d already hatched a plot to one day return . . . specifically, to return and eat all of the pastry. After much planning and preparation, the dream has come to fruition, complete with a “hit list” of 23 of the top patisseries.

Perhaps the biggest catalyst for this mega survey of Parisian pastry was that I couldn’t find much information about the pastry shops and their work online; someone needed to fill that gap. And, more significantly, what I found seemed to hype the same shops over and over again, so I knew there wasn’t a wealth of accurate “Top 10” lists out there.

Two months into this adventure now, I’ve eaten close to 200 different pastries. That’s easily achieved when you have 2-4 new ones every day. I’ve learned a lot about what makes a great pastry and who the greats of the Parisian scene are. While I once thought Gerard Mulot might be king, I now see him as more of a humble neighborhood jack-of-all-trades. One visit to La Patisserie des Reves could have set me straight on that a long time ago. And all those shops pumped online and in books by famous “foodie” authors? It really is a lot of hype.

So those original 23 pastry shops have boiled down to about 8 that truly are the cream of the crop. With an ever-expanding base of what’s currently 300+ Facebook, Twitter and e-mail subscribers, plus what at times approaches 1000 visitors a day, I plan to keep growing and posting-away – with those 8 shops as the focus.

I would LOVE for any newspaper or magazine to contact me if there’s any interest in doing a story about someone who moved to Paris to literally consume and catalog hundreds of the world’s finest pastries. Or, if you’re an art gallery interested in doing a show of my work, know that I have hard drives full of ultra-high-res images that are already colored-corrected and ready to print 😉

Need to contact me? Shoot an e-mail to info@parispatisseries.com

10 thoughts on “About Paris Pâtisseries”

  1. Adam,

    What a surprise running into you in my neighborhood – twice, sort of.

    The Web site looks great. I look forward to the official launch.



  2. I love your blog! You bring me back to all those happy, tasty, awesome sweet Paris memories and chocolate dreams. I return to Paris quite often but it's never enough to try all the planned treats.

  3. Just came across your blog and it is so wonderful.

    Luckily we are renting a little apartment in Paris right now and will start to retrace your footsteps! Sort of a Santiago de Compostela thing, only in France, and with pastry!

    Merci. You should have your name on this somewhere.

  4. Your photos are supremely gorgeous. But your actual reviews are equally sharp and enthralling. I am spending three days in Paris this summer and have been looking for a review of pastry shops. I am sworn now to try the Laduree cup cake.

    I have a love affair with croissants in LA (shout out to Susina and Euro Pane) and cannot wait to see what Paris has in store for me. I have not really fallen in love with the more decadent Euro cakes and treats, but look forward to being converted. Thanks for this great blog, I look forward to seeing how my assessments compare with yours!

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