Ladurée :: Religieuse Pistache

Ladurée :: Réligieuse Pistache

I wish all Parisian pastries were stunning works of art that operated at the absolute limits of complete tastiness. Sadly, most are just vaguely amusing to regard and pleasant enough to enjoy eating. There are only a dozen shops that truly make a go at developing astoundingly delicious pieces, and among that delicious dozen, there are maybe five shops that forge talent together with effort in order to make visual masterpieces.

Ladurée is one of those few pâtisseries that succeeds in crafting truly eye-catching work – e.g., La Fraise or Divin. Even if you’re super ****** and think those designs are pandering and overdone, you’ve still got to tip your chapeau when you realize others like the famed hyped Blé Sucré turns out this garbage. Do I still often accuse Ladurée of doing sloppy work? Yeah, because I mean … look at the piping running up the head of the above. And does Ladurée truly excel in developing taste sensations? No, not often, but it’s usually at least “very good” and rarely anywhere close to disappointing. And what about the subject of today’s review – the Religieuse Pistache? Well…

Ladurée :: Réligieuse Pistache

If I had to grade it, I’d give it a B-. It’s certainly much better than a neighborhood pastry shop could do, but it’s not close to what it could be. Not to say that the crème sucked; it was good – just . . . good and nothing more.

As for the rest of the religieuse, the chou was decent – standard – maybe a bit dry. The pistachio shellacking about the tête and corps of this little one was, much like the interior, a tad oversweetened. And then of course there were the 5°-angled squirts aside the head. [Paging your neighborhood supermarket and/or 4th rate pastry shop] I think a certain stagiaire is ready to return to icing cupcakes back in Parsippany, NJ.

Ladurée :: Réligieuse Pistache

I’m being a little hyperbolic in the above. But of the two of these I’ve purchased in the last week (cause I always retaste/retest before I write), the second had maybe 5 grams of crème in it. It wasn’t even really filled. I think the “chef” felt a little resistance in their poche and decided to not give a **** whether the ridiculously expensive pastry was actually . . . What’s the word I’m looking for? Oh, yeah . . . salable.

Ladurée :: Réligieuse Pistache


Ladurée :: Réligieuse Pistache

The first one I purchased here was filled…

Ladurée :: Réligieuse Pistache

So, eh, this might not be the best purchase at Ladurée. Their Harmonie, Divin, Tarte Tatin, Religieuse Rose, La Fraise, and others are great ones to snag. And while their macarons are suffering a bit these days, there are still classics like the Fleur d’Oranger, Réglisse and Cassis to purchase too many of and enjoy. That said, a visit to Café Pouchkine or Jacques Genin would likely be a more rewarding adventure.

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10 thoughts on “Ladurée :: Religieuse Pistache”

  1. Well, maybe you don't know this, but Ladurée didn't make these Religieuse Pistache for 6 years now…

    As a pistachio fan (well not quite, as I'm a "false" pistachio fan… you see, when they mix pistachio paste with amande amère… which result in the same kind of pistachio taste you can find in ice cream or such), I was really looking forward to this religieuse, and have been asking for it nearly evey week.
    When we saw it in the cases, we were damn so happy !

    That being said, when we tasted it, we weren't disapointed. Though, we found it somewhat not as good as the amazing Religieuse Fleur d'Oranger.

    But you know, finding a good pistachio religieuse in paris is VERY hard. Which makes this one the best of it's kind.

    Also, I want to talk about the icing. In france, we are serious about tradtion. And what Ladurée uses is the classic religieuse icing (made 100% with sugar) so of course it's sweat ! it has to be !
    And that is what every frenchmen will be looking for. And Ladurée is balancing sweatness using a nearly not sweaten creme at all.

    You talk about H&V, which makes good pastries, it's true, but no they don't make religieuses (well, it doesn't deserve this name). They use a king of buttery ganache as icing, which makes no sense for nearly every frenchmen.
    I also talked a lot about pistachio with Mr Pouget… and, yes… he talks, much… but that is all…
    His 2 actual pistachio pastries (Hugo Pistache, St Honoré Pistache) taste nothing like pistachio… it has more lemon taste than pistachio ~~

  2. I would still like to try it!
    I'll add it to my long must have pastries list!

    I'm FINALLY going to Paris sometime in October. I'll starve myself a month before departure so i wont feel super guilty gaining 10 Kgs..(that's what I'm expecting) lool
    If you need a tasting intern I'm hereeeeeeeeeee!

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