Café Pouchkine :: Chouquette Botchka

Café Pouchkine :: Chouquette Botchka

A few months back, I reached out to Café Pouchkine to see if I could arrange a photo shoot of their boutique and, more awesomely, a special session with their chef pâtissier – his majesty Emmanuel Ryon. The Pouchkine team has long been keen on sharing my reviews of their work – both on their Facebook page and “the twitters” – so I was hopeful the fine folks there would be totally agreeable to setting up said sessions. They were quick to get back to me and say a boutique shoot would be a snap to arrange but . . . a session with Monsieur Ryon likely wouldn’t be possible. No, it wasn’t because I’d offended the master; it was simply that he was so busy managing the development of their newest pastries – and making sure all was in order in Moscow, Paris and with their latest New York efforts – that he wasn’t sure he would have enough time until later in the year. All that changed the week before last, when their awesome team got back to me and said Monsieur Ryon had an unexpected opening and would have enough time not only to prepare a few pastries for me but to sit down and talk. I wound up getting part of the afternoon with The Great One this past Thursday, which is why I was so rushed in putting together the Friday entry. I’m sure you’re wondering . . . was he as cool as I imagined? No. He was at least 11 times cooler, and you’re going to love the photos . . . when I finally decide to share them with you 😉

For now, you’re going to have to content yourself with enjoying one of the tasty pastries from Café Pouchkine’s case. While Monsieur Ryon said he pretty much loves all his pastries equally, pressing him to name a few personal favorites got him to confess a soft spot for his Chouqette Botchka. And if he loves it, then maybe you will, too. So shall we dig in?

Café Pouchkine :: Chouquette Botchka

Unlike your average vanilla crème-engorged chou puff, this little one has a shiny sugar coat with a studly studding of sugar nibs – all dusted in yet more sugar! Yet this hat trick of sweetness is actually much more subtly sucrée than you’d imagine. And it serves as a perfect complement to one of the finer pâte a chou preparations I’ve come across in quite some time. I’m not sure if I got lucky and had one that got a little extra special cook time, or if it’s the standard preparation, but there was this awesomely warm and complex character than shone through. Yum. Then at the heart of our friend here was a decidedly light vanilla crème. I was expecting something much more dense, but was pleasantly surprised at how delicate it was. And while the density of the crème was restrained, the full force of the vanilla Gods was in effect. It took me but one bite to go, “Madagascar!” I quickly whipped out the Café Pouchkine menu I always keep on-hand to confirm my suspicions, and immediately saw that indeed it was a work of pure Bourbon (Madagascar) vanilla – an unmistakable taste sensation.

Café Pouchkine :: Chouquette Botchka

Looking at the shot below, you can just about taste it, can’t you?! Don’t lick the screen.

Café Pouchkine :: Chouquette Botchka

So, yes, particularly if you’re a Madagascan vanilla lover, this makes an excellent purchase. I’ll personally be buying it again, if only to taste the chou. I might also pick up some other goodies like their Pavlova Cassis, macaron coeur lait d’amande, and vanilla croissant – the three treats that happen to be my current favorites. Then I’ll find myself halfway back to my apartment wondering why I didn’t buy another dozen of their fine pastries. Why must Café Pouchkine have so many amazing pieces? The temptation of it all!

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12 thoughts on “Café Pouchkine :: Chouquette Botchka”

  1. Everytime I go to Café Pouchkine, I try something different. The Napoléon last time was divine. I haven't tried the Chouquette Botchka yet, thinking that it looked simple compared to the other creations, but if Monsieur Ryon has a soft spot for it, I'd be silly not to try it soon. Oh, I'll be dreaming about it tonight…

  2. God yeah ! I love this little choux à la crème… I cannot go to pouchkin without buying at least one of those.

    It's is not too fat, it is not too heavy, it is not too sweat… but it is god damn tasty !

    I agree that pouckin has a lot of great pieces, and most are really great ! They also have great macs (maybe a little bit too big for me…)

    Did you have the chance to test their new macs ? Fleur d'oranger/pistache, and Cerise griotte / coeur amande ?

  3. Simply cant wait for my trip to Paris to taste those goodies , and im soo happy about those positive rewiews Cafe Pouchkine gets everytime i read about it

  4. Chef pâtissier Emmanuel Ryon has done a marvelous job with his confectioneries but this is by far one of his finest works. Chouqette Botchka is a vanilla flavored treat filled with scrumptious vanilla filling that I daresay possesses a heavenly taste. What I'd give to have a try of the Cafe's goodies.

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