Paris Pâtisseries :: Great or The Greatest?

Paris Pâtisseries on :: Great or The Greatest?

I was shocked last week to see that Paris Pâtisseries had been nominated in’s 2012 Best Food Blog Awards. Apparently their editorial team reviewed 40,000 sites, submitted by their readers, and whittled those down to six sites in sixteen categories. Needless to say, it’s an honor just to be nominated.

Seriously, I am flattered just for the nomination. You’ve probably long since noticed I don’t even have an “About Me” page – filled with “I’ve been featured in…” references – as I’m usually not keen on anything more than tongue-in-cheek braggadocio (hence the headline of this entry). So please seriously consider the other nominees in the category for your vote, too. They’re all awesome and deserve the recognition: Snap Food, Kevin Eats, Ulterior Epicure, Tiny Urban Kitchen, and Judging Your Breakfast.

Oh, and remember that you have to sign in to in order for your vote to count. This is important, because I’d love to see some of my favorites win in their respective categories. My friend Meg at Paris by Mouth was nominated for Best Culinary Travel Blog. And the blog I most admire for fully leveraging the potential of blogging – The Pioneer Woman – was nominated for Best Celebrity Food Blog.

Paris Pâtisseries on :: Great or The Greatest?

And what if I don’t win? I’ll probably be forced to binge on pastries and candy until I no longer feel the bitter humiliation of defeat. And if you’re thinking, “Won’t you already be courting diabetes on a daily basis by that point?” Well, yes . . . yes, I will. So I guess my psychological pain will be dulled, no matter what.

Paris Pâtisseries on :: Great or The Greatest?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go figure out who to vote for in the Best Baking & Desserts category. But why am I not seeing Jacques Genin and his team there? Oh, wait, that’s because Julien’s too busy making caramel here to get a blog started.

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31 thoughts on “Paris Pâtisseries :: Great or The Greatest?”

  1. So well deserved, Adam!! Maybe you can't objectively assess the quality of your site because you're too close to it, but it's the best. Great photos and writing. Though the pastries might have a little to to with it. :-)

    I've been remiss in not thanking you for your input for our Jacques Genin visit, but your recommendations made our trip so much better. I didn't feel bashful ordering a spread so appallingly indulgent that someone at another table came over and commented on how impressive it was.

  2. Like I'm not going to vote for you? The pictures of the pastries win hands down. We won't even mention the picture of you sticking out your tongue for the "Mad About Macarons" giveaway. I just hope you don't get diabetes! Please sneak in some protein once in a while. Hmm. I wonder if pastries with creme in the middle would count?

  3. Hear hear! Congratulations… and hey, if you hurry and marry a Frenchwoman, you may be able to get that free healthcare in before the diabetes. I swear that that wasn't my plan all along.

  4. Already voted for you Adam! Nice to read up about some of your favorites as well and I will check them out before my final votes in those categories.

  5. So excited for you, Adam! Totally deserved. No one else on the internets does what you do, and that is, lead the rest of us to gluttonous ruin. 😉 Hope you win!

  6. I am in Paris right now at the beginning of 4 weeks here. I have already been to my favorite…Jacques Genin, and will be there more as the days go by. Maybe I'll see you there before I leave Paris.

    I love your blog and will look into the other bloggers nominated as well. I have also had my favorite madeleine at Ble Sucre near Bastille.

    For protein, I am having a demi litre of fresh squeezed orange juice with a tablespoon of the protein powder iI brought with me shaken into it. Score…protein done every day!! Oh, and I had a wonderful veggie stew at Bob's Kitchen for lunch today. Now that should offset all that pastry and those chocolates!

  7. Love your blog Adam!!! Just voted for your blog. It is the highlight of my day. Thanks for sharing your LOVE of French pastry with the world.

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