Book Giveaway :: Mad about Macarons!

Mad about Macarons by Jill Colonna

Sometimes recipe books just captivate too many people—the world over—and quickly exhaust their 1st edition printing. Such was the case with ‘Mad about Macarons!’, the now-famous bible of macarons by my friend, Jill Colonna. It’s just gone into its second printing, so I feel compelled to give a couple copies away!

How might you win one? Well…


After deeply considering all the entries, I narrowed it down to 11 semi-finalists. If you think you were one of them, and even though 70 people submitted an idea, you probably were one of them. Because, hey, your idea was that awesome, right?! Then I trimmed that down to four finalists: Chris, Karen, Yoko and Yannis. But since only two people can win, here’s who gets the book:

Yannis: Sidertis-infused macaron shell with a tonka/vanilla accented quince interior

Chris: Ceylon-infused macaron shell with a lavender buttercream and orange marmalade interior

I will follow-up with each of the winners by email.

1. Leave a comment below, where you describe what you think the most amazing macaron flavor would be. I expect you to be at least as specific as this example: a chestnut flour Italian meringue shell with a cremeux of Corsican clementines. But feel free to elaborate as much as you like; I want to believe you love macarons and will put the book to great use.

2. Make sure to include your first name and email address in the “name” and “email” fields. Your email address will not be shown publicly; I just need it so that I can contact you, if you win.

I will arbitrarily choose two winners this Friday, based on how much I personally like your macaron flavor idea. Until then, behold the deliciousness this book will unleash upon you . . .

Mad about Macarons by Jill Colonna

Beyond the very valuable pages of technical advice with which Jill graces us, including the all-new troubleshooting section (awesome!), the most incredible facet of it all is the recipes. The endless list of killer recipes! She covers the basics: vanilla, coffee, almond, pistachio, rose, chocolate and way more. But that’s just the prelude, friends. Then she starts getting into the fancy and exotic varieties: sticky toffee, tiramisu, chocolate-cardamom-ginger, bloody mary, liquorice & white chocolate, and on-and-on.

Mad about Macarons by Jill Colonna

The tea pairing advice is my favorite part. Should you be serving your macarons with Lapsang-Souchong, Earl Grey, Rooibos or something else altogether? You won’t know until you read this. And any macaronisto/a worth his or her weight in powdered almonds shouldn’t be walking around ignorant to these details.

Mad about Macarons by Jill Colonna

Whether you’ve always wanted to learn to make macarons or need some great macaron recipes, to take your macaron skills to the next level, this is the book for you. Perfecting any of the recipes is sure to make you an acclaimed chef in the eyes of friends, family and coworkers. And, really, if you want to show-up any archrival baker in your life, this is the kind of material that will help you do it.

So enter the giveaway now by leaving your most amazing macaron idea below. The winners will be announced here on Friday. And make sure to check ‘Mad about Macarons!’ out on Amazon, if you want to snag a copy right away.

Mad about Macarons by Jill Colonna
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81 thoughts on “Book Giveaway :: Mad about Macarons!”

  1. OMG BOOK!

    But seriously, I have been DREAMING of making a thin mint macaron. The shell would be made of ground thin mints and almond flour to get the mint-chocolate flavor, and the filling would be a thick mint-flavored sweet cream cheese filling. I could even put a nice thick dollop of dark chocolate ganache in the center to cut the mint flavor and give a little surprise :)

  2. I would love to have a sweet and sour custard apple with vanilla cream Macaroon. Custard apple is a type of tropical fruit mainly in South East of Asia. It's tender and delicious. The Macaroon itself is sweet and yet the filling of sweet and sour custard apple together with the vanilla cream gives a well balance of flavor. The filling is sandwhich with two different color of the Macaroon, a green color and a white color Macaroon with dots of Vanilla beans. This is because the outside colour of the fruit is green and inside is white flesh with large dark color seeds.

  3. My bonne idée is a honey flavored macaron with a ricotta-based filling, small slivers of almond and dark cherry pieces. One could interchange the flavors: cherry shell with honey/ricotta/almond filling. Miam!

  4. I have always wanted to learn to make these! I actually am obsessed with looking at the photos. =)

    I think I would want to try, if able to dream up something, a rose macaroon. Make a sweet rosewater and cream filling with fresh salmonberries, so it’s lovely and pink. Also add rosewater to the shell, which would have vanilla and fresh tangerine juice, as well, and maybe ground macadamia nut. It would be off-white and pink. That would be my dream, served with bubble tea and apricot brandy, on a hot summer day…

  5. The best French Macaron would be made with almond flour. The extra added bonus to the crispy, delicate cookie would by fresh lemon zest folded into the batter. Sandwiched between the two lemon accented cookies would be curry coconut ganache. The ganache would be made with curry powder and coconut butter made in-house consisting of dried coconut and granulated sugar blended into a paste.


  6. A vanilla merange flavored macaron on top with coconut cream filling, slivers of fresh coconut and a hint of pineapple in the filling, and an almond biscotti flavored macaron on bottom. Can't beat it with a stick!

  7. OUH! ^-^ I would *love* to have violet – flavoured macarons (almond flour meringue shells *and* violet – infused white chocolate ganache) topped with a few crystallised violets and a tiny bit of gold dust or leaf ^-^ Omg, I can imagine how incredibly yummy they would be! ^-^

    Alsosies, someone should top rose – flavoured macarons with crystallised rose petals. I haven't seen that anywhere, yet ^-^ I'm *obsessed* with crystallised flowers and citrus peels, heehee! ^-^

    Actually, I'm also obsessed with gold and silver dragées! ^-^

    Hmm, another idea is a tvorozhok (russian farmer cheese) plombière macaron! The shells can be white with a whipped, lightly sweetened tvorozhok filling that is coated in a thin layer of chocolate ganache ^-^ Again,they should be topped with gold or silver dragées! ^-^

    ♥ Annusya ♥

  8. If it has not been done already, Pierre Herme should do a violette et framboise macaron, like their amazing confiture!!

  9. Pistachio flour shells that are not tinted green but instead are dusted with pearl powder then filled with a perfectly smooth white chocolate kulfi ganache flavored with rosewater and cardamom.

  10. I think it is time for savory macarons, in addition to sweeter ones. On the sweeter side, I would be captivated by a grapefruit-rose Macaron – the top shell in one flavor and the bottom in the other, with a grapefruit rose filling. Imagine the beautiful color! A macadamia Macaron would also be wonderful – macadamia shells with light and airy macadamia chocolate filling. Could also add other flavors to macadamia filling – perhaps caramel. And for the savory macarons, the combinations are endless – cheese shells with vegetable cheese fillings (a play on quiches) and with some bacon or spicy shells, one could really go to town.

  11. My fave one I have made so far was a Creamsicle scented with orange and vanilla with a white chocolate/vanilla ganache filling w/ orange zest.

  12. In summer, it would be a mango flavoured shell and coconut rum buttercream centre, with a small piece of lychee right in the middle, served alongside a Long Island Iced Tea!!! In winter, it would be a dark chocolate shell, with a chai tea spiced dark chocolate ganache centre. omg… drooling…..

  13. ~Piña Colada Macaron~

    This macaron will bring on a whole new level of vacation paradise: A smooth and slightly sweet Caribbean rum and coconut flavored meringue shell made with coconut flour and garnished with crystalized pineapple bits. The filling is comprised of a tart pineapple infused french buttercream. The shell color is white, which perfectly highlights the yellow filling and crystalized pineapple. This macaron is best paired with an endless sunset on a secluded Caribbean beach.

  14. Don't know if it's possible ^^", but let's try:
    a coconut milk and puffed rice shell,
    Thaï sweet mango crémeux and Bourbon vanilla white chocolate ganache in the middle.

  15. PB&J!!! I realize how much of a contradiction it is…

    I would make the shell Café Pouchkine style with a purple base and brown "coeur". I would make a filling of peanut-flavored crème pâtissière with a purple grape gelée center. I would also add a few chocolate crispy pearls for a textural surprise!

  16. Been thinking of a savoury one, japanese inspired. with a wasabi shell topped with rice (so it caramelizes and creates a crunchy texture), inside will be a salmon mousse and a tiny piece of deep fried soft shell crab or avocado ganache with ebiko eggs.
    Another would be a valrhona ivoire and lemongrass and kaffir lime ganache, with pink peppercorn shells..

  17. Oh that's so interesting!! Well i`m a patissier and i enjoy making macaron and to me macarons is the definitive fingerprint of a patissier! That`s because not every can make a good macaron (i mean the real french one). My favorite would be "Raspberry & Pistachio" The shell made of ground almond and Italian meringue base (red colored) and the filling is Butter Cream (Crème anglaise & Italian meringue base) fold with pistachio paste and on top of the cream (between the tow shells) couple of raspberries!

  18. mmm, i would love to make a kaffir lime leaf scented case with a delicate fresh red chilli pepper filling. The colour of the filling would be white with delicate specks of red chilli pepper, i would use the mildest of red chilli pepper, the aim would be to get the scent of the chilli rather then the burning sensation. Ive done this recently with sorbet now to attempt it with macarons,

    Or how about heavily fig scented case filled with a yummy brie filling, mmmm

  19. I want to somehow make a roasted chestnut macaron with a pistachio blue cheese white chocolate ganache taste good. That's what I want.I want to somehow make a roasted chestnut macaron with a pistachio blue cheese white chocolate ganache taste good. That's what I want.

  20. Hmmmmm well a flavor i would love to see in a mac would be greek as i am from there :-) Not sure if you are familiar with the specific tastes and aromas but oh well… For the shell i would go with ground Herb tea from the mountains. It is called Sideritis or ironwort… subtle sweet flavor… And for the filling i would go for quince.. with a tad of vanilla and tonka beans.. And yes, neither vanilla or tonka beans come from Greece but they compliment quince rather well…

  21. a flavor combination i once tried and it came out delicious! coffee macaroon filled with mascarpone cream, served with tiramisu ice cream… MMMM :)

  22. A pistache and almond flour Italian meringue shell with a cremeux of matcha and Bourbon vanilla. The shell is drizzled with white chocolate.

  23. I like the idea of this flavour combination: A macadamia nut shell, filled with white balsamic vinegar cream and a dollop of caramel in the center.
    I imagine as you dig in you'll first get the intense but smooth macadamia flavour from the crunchy and light, but also just ever so slightly chewy shell, which will be accompanied by the elegant, refined and warm acidity of the white vinegar cream, which shouldn't be too rich and just a bit buttery, before the heavenly sweetness of the silky caramel hits you and develops quiet smoky tones. The whole macaron should leave you with a taste of cozy nuttiness in your mouth, along with the smoky-sweet caramel flavour and just a hint of freshness from the vinegar.

  24. Calabrian liqourice and lavender mint Italian shell with a Frais de Bois, Devonshire clotted cream and lemon curd mousse. Assembled macaroon finished with just a few crystals of Alaea Hawaiian sea salt.

    I would use fresh and frais de bois liqueur in the mousse itself but also ring small fresh frais de bois around the outer circumference of the mousse filling. The black liqourice shell against the pale mousse and fresh pink frais de bois with a unifying accent of the pink Alaea salt on top should look quite stylish and the aroma of the liqourice, lavender mint, and almonds in the shell and fresh frais de bois and mousse should be lovely. Well, at least I'd buy one!

  25. The shell made with 1/3 almond flour, 2/3 ground Sicilian pistachios (for color and flavor) flavored with orange flower water and a drop of bitter almond extract. For the filling, a Porcelana 85% chocolate ganache with an Amarena cherry in the middle.

  26. Black forest macarons: almond with cocoa shell, filled with chocolate ganache and kirsch whipped crême patissière and a amarena cherry center.

  27. several of these suggestions actually sound good. the rest of the contributors, i'm afraid to say, shouldn't quit their day jobs.

  28. Basque Macaron: black chocolate and espelette piment shell, cerise noire d'itxatsou jam and thin layer of ossau iraty cheese. It might be weird, but the association of tastes is juste great. Just go to Bayonne and try their piment d'espelette chocolate…

  29. Passion fruit has to be the filling. The shell, a most delicate vanilla so the passion fruit shines. Am taking a macaron class the end of this month in order to get the technique down pat!

  30. Lets see. One of my favorite flavors in baked goods is praline so that is one flavor down and at least one to go. I would first try that out as the macaron flavor. Then there is the obvious addition of dark bitter chocolate filling to round it out. Now what else? A dab of hazelnut jam in the center – Yes, that's it. A Dacquoise Mac!

  31. Hi Adam!

    I hope your contest includes Canada.

    I think the best flavours for dessert of any kind are the pure fruit ones.

    I have been playing with fruit flavours in my mind for quite a while, but have yet to brave making them.
    I know …… I'm a coward when it comes to macarons!

    However if I had Jill's book …. it would give me that extra push to my bravery button that I need.

    I have been considering flavours such as a strawberry shell with a thick rhubarb puree with vanilla.

    Another I have been thinking of is an almond flavoured shell with a peach curd, maybe with poppyseeds.

    Flavours are endless and I love working with pure unadulterated fruit flavours, getting the most out of their refreshing tastes.


  32. I would say a honey maracoonshell, with a softly soured lemon custard, and fraise des bois. To top it off, a gentle brush stroke of eatable golddust. To give it an unresitable look, the golden huney with a soft golden look. I would absolutely love it. Or a lemon maracoon with a deep, rich, sweetend custard, with fresh raspberries or again one of my favorite ingrediënts, fraise des bois, dipped in white chocolate. And finish it with a white chocolate shaving. But i would use a rich almond pouder with a hint of vanilla powder in it. It gives them such a good and deep taste.

  33. So many good ideas here – yum. Too bad you can't get a decent Macaron in Boston.

    How about a savory series – Haggis seasoned oat cookie with "neeps and tatties" filling, a guacamole flavored cookie with corn flour and salsa themed filling?
    A cocktail series – the cosmo – Cranberry almond flour cookie with triple sec & lime filing, Sex on the Beach – orange almond flour cookie with peach, cranberry, and creme de cassis filling? Something with Whiskey – dark chocolate cookie and single malt filiing?

    I once made a pumpkin woopie pie with carmel-salt filling – delicious indeed.

    I can't seem to find a good match for cranberry. People use white chocolate with cranberry but there must be a better pairing.
    The girl scout cookie idea is interesting – how about Momofuku's cereal milk as a filling to a Fruit Loop cookie?

  34. As a frenchmen (and parisian), I also love some american pastries. But those aren't well known in France.

    So I'd love to see an americano-french mac as a link between our 2 cultures.

    I think I would really love to see a "carrot cake macaron". With a nice dark brown shell made with some carrots, cinnamon and some walnuts. And of course a sweet cream cheese inside.

    I should try to make it myself… although, living in paris raised my standards with macs very high… So I usually avoid making some myself.

  35. I would do a strawberry French meringue shell with Honey Tequila Lime Buttercream edged in Mint Sugar.

    Or I would do a chocolate walnut flour Italian meringue shell with a fig and marscapone filling edged in finely chopped balsamic and brown sugar glazed walnuts.

    It is such a challenge to come up with just one macaron idea.. I miss my days in Paris when I could literally pick them up anytime I wanted. I can't get enough of them.. Finally we have a shop here in DC with really good macarons. If any of you are here in this area try The Sweet Lobby!

  36. I've actually got two ideas, which I'd like to make alive:
    1. filling: pistachio creme in the centre and white chocolate orange mousse in 1 vanilla and 1 chocolate shells;
    2. black currant – strawberry-vanilla filling in classic almond shells

  37. My fav flavor might be my latest creation which you can check out at my blog…it's a bacon macaron filled with a chocolate and peanut butter cream.
    Thanks for the chance to win. Jill is an awesome lady :)

  38. I have never been brave enough to try making macarons.. this book would really give me the skills and confidence to pull it off!

    I'd love to try my hand at a Turkish coffee inspired macaron. The shell would be flavored with cardamom, which I think would be lovely, lightly sweetened, with the almond; the filling would be a rich, dark, aromatic coffee ganache (). The trick would be getting the ganache to have a strong enough flavor, while making sure that it does not get too sweet and overpower the nuances of the coffee and the cardamom in the shell. Mmm..

  39. Great contest, and love the variety of flavor combinations!

    I would make a 'Fluffernutter, Meet Macaron' version: Peanut butter flavored shells sprinkled with fleur de sel, and a fluff-type filling — vanilla-flavored meringue. Miam, my mouth is watering. :)

  40. Mmmmmm. A Mac based on the Scottish sticky toffee pudding recipe-a shell swirled with a raisin and date darkened batter, filled with a raisin and date steeped ganache and a yummy blop of buttery caramel. Eaten while doing a jig.

  41. Earl Grey-infused Italian meringue shell and filling of Scotch whiskey ganache using either Amano Dos Rios 70% or Amedei Madagascar 70%. If only the chocolates weren't so expensive…

  42. I'd like to make some St Germain and lemon macarons! they'd be lovely! lemon rind flavoured shells and and a lemon st germain buttercream! yum

  43. I made an earlier post about a Piña Colada macaron and now for my savory idea, another play on a well known recipe: Caprese Macaron.

    A red color and tomato flavored meringue shell with a slight kick of red chili pepper. The shell is sprinkled with black falksalt for texture and intrigue…. The filling is comprised of balsamic vinaigrette and fresh basil cream cheese. Best paired with chilled white wine and a picnic.

  44. Pink grapefruit almond flour Italian meringue shell (in that gorgeous shade of pink) with ginger rosemary cream. Delish!

  45. Fabulous post and such creative ideas! I would create a Pernod-flavored shell studded with candied anise seed with a very dark chocolate and canela ganache.

  46. SHELL: Almond italian meringue shell with ground ceylon black tea and a hint of powdered freeze dried blueberries.

    FILLING: Very light (flavour and texture) lavender buttercream (half pastry cream and half butter) with a dot of bitter orange marmalade.

  47. I already have the book. I had to comment, though, on the wonderful picture of you. We finally get to see those talented taste buds that are responsible for all of your delicious blog posts. Oh to have a tongue as well versed and traveled as yours!

  48. Guess I'll give it a go too! (:

    If I were to make my dream macaron, I be inspired by the season Autumn. The shell would be a French Meringue shell with a twist – I would use almond flour and crushed pecans, which have their harvest season in the Autumn. I will get my pecans from a local farm in Texas, and the almonds for my almond flour in Spain. I will add a dash of cinnamon to bring it all together.

    The filling will be a chocolate ganache made from Amedei's Bar Toscano Black 70%. I think the rustic taste would match well with my vision of Autumn. The high cocoa content means a slightly more bitter taste, which I will sweeten with maple syrup from trees in Ontario, Canada, where I grew up and remind me of Autumn. I would also add in apple jam made from apples picked from a local orchard. Similar to Macaron Mogador by Pierre Herme, the ganache will have a marble-like pattern.

    When one bites into my macaron, they first get a taste of the sweet apple jam and maple syrup. Then ganache will kick in, along with the shell. I envision spending a crisp Autumn day drinking apple cider and walking down a path admiring maple trees as they change colours!

    The shell will be an eye catching crimson with specs of gold to represent the beautiful colours of Autumn.

    Maybe it's just me, but I think this would make an amazing macaron flavour!

  49. 1) A macaron with the Hong Kong Style Milk Tea Macarons Shell with the large tapioca ball taste filling.
    2)Savory Macaron with Korean Kim Chi Macaron Shell with Green tea filling.
    3) Red adzuki Bean Macaron with Green Tea filling.
    4)Green Tea Macaron with Red Azuki Bean, Mung Beans, and Coconut filling.
    5) Cafe Due Monde Espresso Macaron with Condense Milk flavor filling.
    6) Rasberry Macaron with Mango Mouse Cream Filling.

  50. 5) Almond Macaron with Lotus Paste filling. Sorta like the feel of the Chinese Mooncakes during autumn festival!

  51. To be fair, I already have Jill's first print edition, however I'd love the next edition! :-) As for macaron flavour, this is tricky. There are so many delightful combos already being concocted. The tastes that I miss from my English childhood and that I would love captured somehow in a macaron are 1) custard pie with nutmeg…so maybe that could work with a custardy shell and a nutmeggy cream filling, 2) goodseberry fool…so gooseberry/rhubarby tart shell with a clotted creamy filling, 3) lemon meringue…so a meringuey exterior with a lemon curd filling, 4) and finally treacle tart…I have no idea how to get that into a macaron. We should ask Jill! Obviously, I am feeling nostalgic and in need of cooking guidance! Thanks Adam and Jill! And my what a lovely and naughty pic!

  52. Cheesecake macarons with strawberry dust

    A french meringue shell made adding powder of some digestive's cookie to the almonds and powdered sugar before putting them in the food processor. Plus some powdered brown food coloring. Than, for the filling a lovely cheesecake cream with splinters of caramelaized strawberry. Final touch, very very little strawberry square pieces (using the external part of the fruit) pushed in the cream filling to create a geometrical pattern. Cover the shells with a light pink brush.


  53. between, Adam, just for info about macs news in Paris, it is very sad that you aren't here at the moment… Very GREAT things are on shelves…

    Pouchkine made 2 WONDERFUL new macs : cerise griotte shells / amande amère filling… OMG it is amazing, simply amazing !
    And also they have the new "fleur d'oranger shells with pistachio filling" really great !

    And also very sad for you, you missed the new Fetish baba au rhum from Hermé… those are really great pieces. I eat minimum 4 of them each week !
    And while talking about Hermé, his new Jardin Ephemère had some very nice pieces….

    Hermé recently organized the "macaron day". There were 25 macs recipes available !

    I'm having great moment in Paris these days… (hmm… and H&V is about to release their new baba, pistachio goodies and citronelle religieuse….yummy )

  54. Oh, I have been living in Paris for 6 months, and I still cannot get over how delicious macarons are! What a lovely giveaway!

    Most recently, I had a boudin macaron, which was one of the most interesting things I've ever tasted, but not quite what I'd make for myself…

    I am passionate about lemon, so I would create a Meyer Lemon – Moscato Macaron. The pale, ivory French meringue would contain a distinct almond powder with little swirls of fresh lemon zest. The filling would be a tart, lemon-bar-esque cream, thinned with the added spritz of a Moscato d'Asti, and small bits of candied lemon peel. The top would be decorated with a silhouette of a lemon branch and a curled bit of candied lemon peel.

  55. My grandmother makes a brilliant gooseberry crumble cake. I think it would be nice to have a macaron taste like this. A soft sweet-and-sour-at-the-same-time gooseberry filling with the crumble texture hidden on the inside of the macaron dough (I have no idea how that could actually be done, but the cruble-y texture does matter with this). As with the colours, I imagine a muted lime-y green for the filling and a beige for the dough. It also would be really nice if there was a slight golden sheen on top, just to make it even more appealing.

  56. East meets west with Yuzu filling and a Light Lime green shell with zest incorporated. Dust it with raspberry powder after coming out of the oven for natural color. The Japanese lime with the french traditional macaroon sounds like heaven to me!

  57. Hi Adam:) flavours i have been dreaming about are : violette shells and Lilly of the Valley ganache it will also be lovely to taste macarones with Lilly of the Valley shells and violette ganache :)

  58. I am thinking off and will make soon just to test them some Italian meringue macarons mango flavored shells with a fresh avocado cream and a pinch of avocado jelly in the middle.

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