Angelina :: Mont Blanc

Angelina :: Mont Blanc

My friend Julie and I have been doing “pastry lunches” at some of the city’s finer patisseries. A month or so ago, we had a six pastry feast, complete with caramels and chocolates, at Jacques Genin’s shop. And I believe our next stop is the Mandarin Oriental, which recently opened and began pastry service. But our latest stop was the famed Angelina. Not only did I feel it was time to take a deeper look at their pastry selection, but I felt the need to better explore all the nuances of their famed hot chocolate. Would I still say Un DImanche proffers a superior chocolat chaud? Yes, but Angelina’s was ever the classic and nothing short of excellent. Anyway . . .

Julie and I “sampled” four or five of Angelina’s pastries. She was most excited to get the one that, “looks like spaghetti”. I restrained myself from saying I always think it looks a little like brains. But, really, no matter how you characterize it, it’s not the most aesthetic olden-timey piece in the case. Added to the homeliness was the fact that the woman who boxed it up for me handled it with the finesse of a wild animal. All the compression of chestnut squiggles you’ll notice on the sides of this little one were courtesy of her smashing it back and forth in the box, before almost completely inverting the thing to get it into the bag with the others. Anyway, let’s chat about the Angelina Mont Blanc . . .

Angelina :: Mont Blanc

It’s great. The crème de marron “spaghetti” on the outside was wonderfully textured and flavored – full of chestnut goodness and neither too moist nor too dry, neither too creamy nor too gritty, and neither too sweet nor too bitter, as some other Mont Blanc’s can be (note: I’m talking to you, Ladurée). Perhaps my favorite part was the vanilla crème within, which I found lighter than Kozy Shack rice pudding – yet, in terms of flavor, virtually indistinct. Yum. And the meringue heart provided a good measure of crispy/crunchy fun, with an added kick of sweetness. It’s a classic for a reason, friends.

Angelina :: Mont Blanc

I’d be interested to see how Jacques Genin or Emmanuel Ryon might approach a Mont Blanc – and if it could top Angelina here. You might remember my Carl Marletti Mont Blanc review from a few months back – where I was more than a little impressed with his completely reimagined spin on textures, to say nothing of its uber-tasteful aesthetics.

Angelina :: Mont Blanc

Delicious, delicious gooey gooey goodness . . .

Angelina :: Mont Blanc

So, yes, I can fully advocate hitting up Angelina for their classic Mont Blanc, paried of course with their even more famous l’Africain chocolat chaud. There might be no finer a way to pass the time between your pre-lunch pastry eating and your post-lunch pastry indulgence.

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10 thoughts on “Angelina :: Mont Blanc”

  1. Thank you! I fell in love with Mont Blancs in Japan, where the pinnacle of my experience had a pastry case base topped with a solid nugget of chestnut paste, then vanilla cream, then the piped chestnut mousse, then a candied chestnut, then gold flakes. I can't wait to see you showcase more Mont Blancs here, as we're utterly bereft of their deliciousness in Canberra, Australia!

  2. Angelina is one of the first places we go for a meal when we get into town. The chocolat chaud, sandwiches and of course the Mont Blanc. It is a tradition we love.

  3. I have always been intrigued by Mont Blancs – they call to me like the mountain itself…one day I hope to get the chance to try this one on your recommendation. I may even try to make one myself when chestnuts are in season. Thanks as ever for your wunderbar posts. Patricia

  4. I had Angelina's Mont Blanc as my first ever taste of a Mont Blanc last year. I don't think I'd ever had anything chestnut before that trip- I'm now a convert of course. It was fabulous. And oh, Angelina's l'Africain. WOW. We had that twice last year. The first time it was really quite a hot day and we weren't that bowled over. But we perservered and went back on a cool, rainy day- it was astonishing. Thanks for the Paris memories this morning.

  5. Excellent spaghetti pastry review! Your friend Julie sounds pretty awesome, you're lucky to have such a cool pastry loving friend.

  6. As a child, 40 years ago, my grand mother would take me regularly to Angelina for their hot chocolate and Mont Blanc. Now in San Francisco, I still have the taste of those two delicacies well intrenches in my memory. It wasn't unusual to see celebrities amongst regulars. I had the pleasure to see Jacky Onassis and Jacque Cousteau many times. If the legend is true, the Mont Blanc was Marcel Proust's favorite.

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