Ladurée :: Nid Soyeux

Ladurée :: Nid Soyeux

One of the many reasons I love Ladurée is that they keep me entertained with regular flow of seasonal and all-new pieces. Should I happen not to visit for a few weeks, I can pretty much count on walking in to discover at least one new macaron and one new pastry. The shop manager at Ladurée Bonaparte will even sometimes tease me and be like, “We have a new one coming tomorrow!” That gets me all excited and going, “What? What is it?” She’s never allowed to tell me, so I always get the, “It’s a secret. You’re going to just have to come in!” So, of course, I do, and sure enough there it will be in the case . . . forcing me to buy it.

It was a Wednesday morning in late April that I got my first “new one tomorrow!” tease of this stay in France. The next morning, there she was – the Nid Soyeux! It’s a seasonal piece that apparently only comes out 3 days before Easter. Not sure why they wouldn’t release it a bit sooner than that, but I appreciate that a small window of opportunity heightens the “exclusive indulgence” vibe. It also should let me have a pass from you guys as to why I didn’t post this before Easter. Just keep in mind I write everything a week in advance, and with only one posting day before Easter in this case, I just didn’t have the chance to toss together an entry. I figured it was just better to spring it upon you unexpectedly. So Happy Easter!

Ladurée :: Nid Soyeux

So you might be wondering, “What the **** is a Nid Soyeux?” Well, friends, it translates as “silky nest”. In fact, back in the 70s, there was a famous television ad campaign in France starring a shirtless Burt Reynolds. His lovely female costar ran her hands through his dense aerie of chest hair and exclaimed “Nid soyeux. C’est si bon!” Then the camera panned out to show Burt holding Vidal Sassoon body hair shampoo. You can find it on YouTube. Anyway . . .

The pastry was pretty good. A nice mango macaron, raspberry and some jelly beans (my favorite part) crown the little guy – all held in place by a nid soyeux of white chocolate. Perhaps not the finest white chocolate in the world, but soyeux enough that I’ll let it go. The actual pastry itself was decent. I wish I’d had the chance to repurchase it, as I do love buying my pieces twice before I write anything, but it’s a generally pleasant mélange of smooth lightly vanilla’ed crème and piquant raspberries with a fairly sweet strawberry gelée. I think it was also 7.20 euros, which for something so not entirely original, is a little bit of a stretch. But, again, it was nice.

Ladurée :: Nid Soyeux

As I mentioned in the opening, Ladurée also has some pretty cool seasonal macarons. In the spirit of not keeping you waiting months for me to unveil something that has already gone out of rotation from their case, I think the next macaron I’ll post is their Goyave (guava), which just came out. Is it good? I don’t know. Here’s a hint: Is the sky blue?

Ladurée :: Nid Soyeux

Mmm, nid soyeux . . .

Ladurée :: Nid Soyeux

So, yeah, if you happen to be at Ladurée in the 3 days prior to Easter of 2012, the Nid Soyeux makes a nice little treat. Of course, right now they have La Fraise, which is aesthetically ten times the novelty and certainly even way more delicious. That might be the best purchase if you’re at one of the shops in the near future – along with a gigantic box of macarons, of course.

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4 thoughts on “Ladurée :: Nid Soyeux”

  1. You know what freaks me out?
    When these photos get right up on it and you see the imperfections of the funneled coating!
    The chocolate plaque, something I've never seen in any of H&V's stuff nor Conticini's, maybe one time in a P.H. picture and that's only since he "branded out" which these guys now have too.
    Kind of bums me out…
    Thanks, Adam

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