Dalloyau :: Mirifique

By Paris Patisseries in Dalloyau
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Dalloyau :: Mirifique

I only wish that the day-glow pink outer layer held up on the way home, but this is a pastry so delicate that even a funny look in its direction could make it collapse. So I’ll consider myself lucky I only lost a bit (note my server’s thumbprint, too)…

Dalloyau :: Mirifique

Overlooking its too-delicate constitution, Dalloyau definitely surprised me with the Mirifique (French for “fabulous”). Tearing into it, I expected the usual mélange of flavored crèmes, cakes and sablés. Wrong.

Dalloyau :: Mirifique

While there’s certainly plenty of crème in and atop it, and even some chocolaty “biscuit” goodness at the base, the core of the Mirifique is a cone of dark chocolate filled with what can best be described as a superb strawberry smoothie.

Dalloyau :: Mirifique

What I found rather strange though was the quality of the chocolate cone itself. It was far more than was either necessary or appropriate – unnecessary in the sense that the crème and strawberry concoction were far too dominant to tease out the chocolate’s subtleties (the only reason I could is that I separated the chocolate out for analysis after a few bites) and inappropriate in the sense that a more obvious, blunt chocolate would have delivered the chocolate intensity that its broader flavor profile obscured. Basically, I’d love a bar of the stuff, but Dalloyau needn’t be so shy about dumbing-down the chocolate they put in certain pastries.

Dalloyau :: Mirifique

I can’t really say that the Mirifique was actually mirifique at all. Billed as “the pastry you can drink”, there is a certain novelty to it, and the strawberry liquid is quite delicious, but, again, so is a strawberry smoothie. The pastry is otherwise bland and, in regard to the chocolate, a bit overthought. When in Dalloyau, admire the pretty in pink Mirifique, but keep browsing.

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3 Responses to “ Dalloyau :: Mirifique ”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Adam Wayda. Adam Wayda said: New Post: Dalloyau :: Mirifique http://www.parispatisseries.com/2010/05/02/dalloyau-mirifique/ […]

  2. Gerard Lavelle says:

    Get over yourself! While you are at it, please learn to use English correctly. Learn to spell (catch 'site' of [Le Notre]) and exploit grammar to give some substance and style to your vacuous vapourings. Discovered your potentially delightful and interesting blog while researching Strasbourg but the verbiage creates a disappointing tangent. Julia Child trying to do a Brooklyn queen. Learned some things, though. Did, however, discover some great pastry shops, new to me, though I've known about Dalloyau and Le Notre for years. And enjoyed their product.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Gerard. I am not sure I follow the references you made or the criticism, but apparently some things have rubbed you the wrong way. I'll correct the spelling you noted, once I get a chance. Thanks.

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